Toyota Extended Warranty

There was a time when you could just buy a Toyota and count on it running for years. Those days are over, which means you need to consider a Toyota extended warranty program.

Toyota has some serious hubris in running commercials touting its reputation for reliability. The 1980s and 1990s were definitely a period of time when a Toyota could be counted on to run practically forever. The new century, however, saw Toyota fall down on the job. Whether it was overexpansion or just poor quality, Toyota cars started having major problems.

There are two classic examples of the Toyota problems. The full size trucks the company launched so aggressively at the turn of the century were nice, but soon had major problems. What where they? The anti-rust treatment under the body of the truck had problems and the trucks literally rust from the inside out.

The latest example is the recall of 3.8 million Toyotas for a minor problem. That problem? The cars accelerate uncontrollably! There have been deaths and a host of accidents. Toyota claims it is simply the fact the floor mats are loose and jam up against the gas pedal. There are assertions, however, that the problem is really a design issue with the ignition system. Only time and plenty of lawsuits will tell.

These issues represent a small sampling of examples of where Toyota has some serious problems. No longer can one count on Toyota reliability without thinking twice. This means buying a Toyota extended warranty simply makes sense. You can buy them through individual dealers, but you are going to pay through the nose since dealers jack up the price of everything. I don�t have to tell you that! The better source is a third party because they are competing on price, to wit, you pay less.

The key thing to understand about the Toyota extended warranty and any warranty is it is a financial transaction. Whether you buy a warranty from Toyota or some other company, you get the same repairs. The only difference is who pays for it.

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