What Color is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is the key component to the hydraulic system of any car. So, what color is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a glycol based hydraulic. Put another way, it is a form of alcohol. Most people view hydraulics as some thick substance, but this isn’t true. The key to a good hydraulic is consistency. You want something that reacts the same to pressure today, tomorrow and three years down the line.

So, what color is brake fluid? A brand spanking new sample of brake fluid will be…drum roll…clear. Yes, it will look like water or, in this case, Vodka since it is an alcohol. Don’t be an idiot and try and drink it. Drinking brake fluid is just idiotic and also represents a good way to die.

Clear toxic liquids are problems in consumer products. People have a tendency to drink them. For this reason, many brake fluid manufacturers will often artificially add color to their new products. In such cases, the fluid is usually the color brown or at least a yellowish color. It all depends on the manufacturer.

Does brake fluid color give you an indication of when it needs to be changed? Well, it depends on what color it was going in. Generally, a cloudy brown should be replaced. Even if the fluid looks okay, replace it at least every two years as it breaks down over time as it absorbs water vapor.

What color is brake fluid? It is clear in its natural form, but manufacturers will often add a bit of coloring for safety purposes.

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