Car Making Loud Sounds Like Something Dragging

Diagnosing car problems is tricky. What if the car is making loud sounds like something is dragging when it is in motion? Well, there could be a number of factors.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Have you actually taken a look under the car? I apologize, but sometimes it can be as simple as something getting stuck up under the car such as a branch or some other debris. My car was once overheating and I couldn’t figure out why. Like an idiot, I failed to check the front of the radiator. Probably would’ve noticed the piece of newspaper over the radiator and saved myself some serious embarrassment at the mechanic’s! Any way, make sure to check.


One of the first areas to take a look at is the brake system. Something may have broken and caused the actual closing mechanism to rub up against a moving piece. If the problem is on the front of the car, you might feel the car pull to onside under braking. This isn’t necessarily true if it is on the back. If the sound changes under braking, you’ll know you’ve found the problem.

Wheel Bearings

What allows your wheels to turn independently of the body of your car? Wheel bearings! As you can imagine, these metal pieces are under a significant amount of stress. They are greased, but will eventually go out. When they do, they can make grinding, scraping noises. This is because they are not turning freely. A dead give away is the sensation the car is pulling to one side while just driving along.


The differential is a device that converts the power from the engine to the rotation in the wheels. It is usually the last step in that process before the wheels are compelled to turn. The device is hardy, but under massive torque stress. It should last a long time, but while make a noise that would make the Devil shiver when it goes bad. This can sound something like a dragging noise. The bad news is this is an expensive repair. The good news is the sound won’t last for long. The bad news is this is because the differential will fail pretty quickly after it starts making this noise.

A car is collection of mechanical processes. One person’s scraping sound can be another person’s grinding sound. In general, scraping noises are not good. Your best bet is to pop into a shop and let a mechanic take a look at the car.

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