Toyota Lexus LFA Supercar

Toyota and its high end brand, Lexus, have always had a certain practical feel. To change that, the Toyota Lexus LFA supercar will be released world wide.

The phrase "super car" always makes one smirk a bit when it is mentioned. A super car is not just a car. It is more about the tradition, attention to detail and performance of the brand than just a single one-off car. When you buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatever, you are buying a lineage. Anyone can build a car that goes over $200,000 if they have enough money, but can they continually do it?

Well, Toyota is seeking to have a go at that very goal. It is releasing the Toyota Lexus LFA supercar in 2010. As you might expect, the car is an absolute beast. It looks a bit like a steroided out Supra, but comes with a 4.8 liter V-10 that pumps out a massive 552 horsepower. The paddle shifter, six speed transmission lets you whip up through the gears till the car hits its top speed in the 202 miles per hour range.

As with any supercar, the Lexus LFA will be a limited release model. Only 500 will be built. Each will be hand made and built per the custom order made by the individual buyer. So, what does all of this cost the proud new owner of an LFA? The princely sum is $375,000 per car. This is a very interesting move by Toyota in what can only be called a very challenging financial environment. Still, would you pay $375k for a car with the name Toyota on it?

So, is Toyota going to start trying to challenge the Ferraris of the world? No. Toyota has indicated it is a one-off project that is designed to add some pizzazz to the Lexus line and distinguish it from other upper level brands.

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