Ford Reliability On Par With Japanese Car Companies

The latest Consumer Reports has rated Ford as being on par with Japanese car companies when it comes to reliability. This definitely sets Ford apart from the other American car companies.

Changing a reputation, whether bad or good, can be a real bear. Look at Toyota. The company built some of the most reliable vehicles in history in the 1980s and 1990s. This decade has seen major reliability problems, but the company still carries a reputation of high reliability.

Ford has gone the opposite way. During the same period, it and the other Big Two built cars that were design challenged and highly unreliable. Thus did the nasty monicker �Fix Or Repair Daily� come about. Well, no more. Over 90 percent of Fords are now rated as being better than average on reliability. This puts Ford on par with the big Japanese car companies, which is a rather major accomplishment given the state of the auto market.

The results also verify another thing for us. In looking back, we can see that Ford diverged from GM and Chrysler a few years back. When the economy started falling apart, it was Ford who was both prepared and able to survive without taking a handout from the government. Whereas GM and Chrysler are still a disaster even after the bailout, Ford is showing a profit in a car market that can only be called horrific.

The days of the Big Three are arguably over. It now appears as though the United States market will be controlled by the Big One and Ford is that company.

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