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The times they are a changing. The economic shock of 2008 and 2009 has caused many of us to readjust our views on how we spend money. For some of us, this means skipping out on buying cars like Aston Martin. For those of us who can't afford the luxury cars it doesn't mean we can't have nice cars. As long as you are the type of car person who enjoys the tune and lube shop and doing our own maintenance and repairs, then it means shopping for high performance aftermarket car parts that can be used to take a car the next level.

At DCJ Auto Parts, we’re devoted to providing you with a hub where you can find the best deals on aftermarket car parts. You can search by car model, brand or part for auto parts by using our search function above or just accessing the shopping button above. We’re also including a bevy of informative and news oriented articles to keep you up to date on issues ranging from new cars to do it yourself videos. In fact here are the latest entries:

Dodge Cuts Prices On 2010 Ram Heavy Duty Pickups
  Dodge barely survived the brand slashing at GM. It�s truck line was why. Now, it is stoking the fires by cutting prices on 2010 Ram Heavy Duty Pickups.
Ford Reliability On Par With Japanese Car Companies
  The latest Consumer Reports has rated Ford as being on par with Japanese car companies when it comes to reliability. This definitely sets Ford apart from the other American car companies.
GM Extends Money Back Guarantee Program
  The GM money back guarantee program has definitely helped with sales. In good news, General Motors has extended the program so buyers can take advantage of the program.
VW Moving To Take Over Porsche Mooresville markert
  The great gambit of this decade has failed and the prey has turned into predator. VW is moving to take over Porsche as it slowly keeps increasing its ownership interest.
New 2010 Porsche Panamera S Specifications
  What to do in the middle of a horrible car market? Launch a new car! This is the plan for Porsche with the new Panamera. We�ve got the 2010 S version specs right here.
Toyota Lexus LFA Supercar
  Toyota and its high end brand, Lexus, have always had a certain practical feel. To change that, the Toyota Lexus LFA supercar will be released world wide.
Mini Cooper Extended Maintenance Program
  I drive and love my 2008 Mini Cooper S. I definitely give it a workout, which means I need maintenance a lot. This makes the Mini Cooper extended maintenance program of interest.
Toyota Extended Warranty
  There was a time when you could just buy a Toyota and count on it running for years. Those days are over, which means you need to consider a Toyota extended warranty program.
I Never Used The Extended Honda Warranty
  I never used the extended Honda warranty! This was a comment I recently heard at a party. So, what are we to make of this? Let�s consider the options.
Hummer Sale Goes Through
  GM entered into a deal to sell the troubled Hummer brand to a Chinese conglomerate. The deal was in trouble, but Hummer has now been sold for a tidy $150 million.

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